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Hello! My name is Tonja (pronounced Tawn-ya), and I am happy you have found me. I offer with joy my services to the greater Auckland area, available to adults of any race, gender, ability, or belief structure who have passed screening.  


Life is pleasure to me. Let us be epicureans who savour life and enjoy filling it with moments that satisfy on many levels at once. You will be put at ease by my lighthearted and warm attitude, and discover new worldly experiences. Time with each other will be tailored by mutual need fulfilment. Through passion, enthusiasm, and desire, a world of delights will be created between us, and where endless enjoyable possibilities can be explored. 


I am not interested in single, one time only visits. Quality requires building a relationship through the constructing of reciprocal appreciation by meaningful interactions. There are no hard set rules here, and what is shared between us will linger in your mind and body. Our world is full of potential, and you should leave feeling satisfied and wanting more.


All exchanges are for time, travel, and companionship only. These services do not include, imply, solicit, offer, nor in any way relate to the engagement of any lewd or illegal act for money or other consideration.

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