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Get to know me

While with me, you will notice I am a worldly being, highly flexible and adaptive to many different situations and settings. I listen carefully and take cues well. Our time together will show you that I am a warm, genuinely friendly, and playful person in nature. I am affirming, affectionate, deeply sensual, and authentically passionate. I have a raw enthusiasm for enjoying and savouring life. My time with you is uniquely tailored to the appetites within, and I enjoy satisfying a large variety of specific needs.


I love to create intensely enjoyable experiences for all sorts of people! I am comfortable in my body and confident in my ambitions. Discovering what joy is possible with you is highly alluring to me.


My love for exploring extends throughout my whole life. I strive to determine the motivations that drive a person, the values that form their life, and the way they convey themselves in the world. I love to learn how someone feels, and provide a judgment free space to share why. I want to know someone so I can help them achieve their needs.


There any many ways I explore and enjoy my life by taking in the world around me. Favourites include: reading, hiking, camping, sharing intimate discussions, listening to music, traveling, dining, and experiencing local events and festivals. I like to explore new cultures, sounds, tastes, textures, scenes, and most of all--ideas. I wish to soak up as much diversity and joy as I can. When it comes to food, I enjoy Indian, French, Mexican, African (especially Ethiopian), Middle Eastern, Thai, and many other varieties. While I keep to a mostly vegetarian diet at home, I am easily persuaded to eat quality meats while out, especially a great quality steak.

A quest for knowledge and a love for learning have fuelled me my whole life. I have studied various forms of studio arts since early childhood. I have a degree in business from a major university. I continually read to further educate myself on a large variety of topics. The more I learn, the more I realise I have yet to discover. This passion fuels my book collection; I have several hundred books in my personal library on nearly any topic under the sun. My collection ranges from rare first edition classics, history, philosophy, nature, biographies, fiction, and more. Admittedly, sexuality is my favourite topic to learn about and discuss.

To get an idea of my personality, I am a person full of passion, lively enthusiasm, and inspiring drive. I am outgoing and friendly, genuine and sincere, confident and compassionate. My Jungian (Myers-Briggs) personality type is INFP, which I feel is a fairly accurate representation of what I am like.

My goal is that my service will be as exciting as it is nurturing to the desires and fantasies within. The way two people find satisfaction together is fascinating to me, and I strive for your fulfilment.

Are you the right client for me? If you are a respectful human with a sense of humour, good hygiene, and a strong desire for fun I can almost assure we will get along fantastically. If this is you, I hope we can meet! I look forward to seeing you smile!

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