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I enjoy being a visual treat for you; I want your fingers to be captivated by the touch of my skin. I want your eyes to feel like they have a visual feast before them, one they can devour at leisure. I work out regularly to keep up my appearance. If you liked my photos, you will like what you see.


While we are together, I want to spend my time focused on you! Please provide me with an unsealed envelope, card, or gift bag including the cash donation within the first few minutes, then the entire rest of our rendezvous will be focused upon getting to know each other. Do note, while your generosity with tipping is certainly welcome, it is not expected or required.

While I have no specific requests for the attire you decide to wear, I do expect that you will be freshly cleaned and presentable for me, and please have nice, minty-fresh breath. (I have mouthwash, shower, and any other freshening aids at my space if you need it.) I want to feel comfortable not only in your respectful demeanour, but in how you clearly take the time to take care of yourself just as I do. To me that is incredibly sexy, and allows for the most carefree and enjoyable experience!

Health is important to me, so if you are sick, please know I'm okay with you rescheduling for a better date. I take measures to protect our health, and I expect you would do the same for me. 

I do not drink excessively, nor do I smoke tobacco. If you are a smoker, I would prefer you hold off for a few hours prior to our visit and while our visit takes place. If you wish to bring wine or champagne (I am especially fond of red wines and dry champagne), I'm happy to indulge in a glass or two, but that is the most I will enjoy with you. If I suspect you are intoxicated to a point that you are not of sound mind, I will have to terminate our session and no further communication will be entertained. This is for my safety. 

I am by nature a fairly private person, and on that note, I do not allow any photographs or filming during my sessions. Hopefully every delicious moment will be so etched into your mind you won't feel the need, anyway!

My time is very valuable, as I'm sure yours is too! I am very dedicated to being punctual; I feel being on time for you is a show of respect as well as a sign of how eager I am to see you as soon as I'm allowed! On that note, if you are seeing me at my place, and are running more than 15 minutes late, we won't be able to stay late to make up for your tardiness--but you will be responsible for the full amount of the donation for the time we scheduled. 

I do not like to watch the clock, but if you wish to extend our stay further because you are having so much fun (this happens!) please let me know and if my schedule allows we may do so, but do know you'll be responsible for the donation increase resulting in the lengthened stay. Also, lengthening a stay last minute is usually not an option for incall, my apologies in advance.

Please do not ask me for time off the clock. This time we share is truly special, but do not misunderstand the boundaries of our arrangement by trying to not compensate me for my time. If we go over on our time, please be mindful of my rates and have the proper amount on hand to compensate for it. That's the best way to let me know you are respectful of me, and I do only like to be with respectful people!

If you would like to meet up in a public space to share a meal and see if we will click well for future explorations in a private setting, I'm very happy to do so--but keep in mind my rates are the same. Payment is for time, not for activities. 

Discretion to me is of the utmost importance. I request you remain discrete regarding our engagement. When conversing over email, please do not use illicit language or photos. If you cannot be a respectful and polite person, our engagements will cease to continue. 

If you feel these are no-brainers, then perfect! You are exactly the type of person whom I would love to see. I look forward to enjoying our time; I will see to it that you savour our togetherness.

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