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I really have a special place in my heart for time shared with my friends. I love to find people who are very passionate, playful, and just as down for a great time as I am; someone to share in complete joy together with you.  I have experienced a lot of pleasure and happiness in my life, but little compares to a really amazing experience with one of my close associates!


The ladies listed below are my favourites.  They are all incredible people I have proven connection with! I cannot possibly rank them, so they are listed in alphabetical order. Please note they are all located in the United States. I am happy to meet new local friends here in New Zealand!


Make sure you review their individual webpages to understand more about their individual rules, requests, and anything else pertinent to our time together.  Every person below is uniquely wonderful.  If this interests you I hope you find a good match for us so we can all have fun together!  I'm open to meeting with others, too!

Adriana Deville

Good lord, Adriana is exactly what you would expect if you managed to find yourself in your very own adult movie.  She is almost obscenely hot, ready for just about anything, sweet as can be, and makes you feel like a star.  I have had a total blast every time I've had the pleasure of sharing her company with a lucky gentleman. 

While she is not based out of Chicago, she does come here every two months or so, and I highly recommend seeing us together when those times happen!  You'll remember it for a lifetime. 

You can learn more about her and look at her calendar at her website ... I hope you will get to experience this pleasure!

Rates for us together:
$1,200 - 1 hour 
$1,650 - 90 minutes
$2,200 - 2 hours 

All Star Allie

Allie is your girl next door type--she takes no shit and is witty as hell, playful, very liberated, a touch of crazy, and someone with whom you can feel at ease.  She is not one to put on an act, and she likes being casual (especially in her attire) and feeling relaxed to just be herself most of all.  When she and I are together, however, we both feed off each other's playful energy and sparks fly!  Imagine two flirty girls with a fun, sassy energy gleefully placing YOU at the main event of this party, and you have a slight idea of what you're getting yourself into. 

She is like my curvier twin, in that we are the same height and have the same enthusiasm for sharing in wildly fun times that will leave you breathless.  Ask about the grapefruit special, if you are daring!  (90 min minimum for it.)

To see more about Allie, please visit her site at!

Rates for us together:
$1,050 - 1 hour ($1,400 incall)
$1,400 - 90 minutes ($1,800 incall)
$1,800 - 2 hours ($2,400 incall)

Alyson Parker

Alyson Parker is a vivacious red head with delicious curves of ivory.  She's a delight to me!  I have been lost in her soft curves and sweetness many times, and I'd love to share that feeling with you.  We both experience great joy in making your fantasies come true.  She is very experienced in a wide variety of alternative play, if that suits your fancy as well.  (I suggest looking over her site for more info on that.)

In booking us both, you will be treated to a duo filled with joyful smiles, intelligent conversation, and having your fantasies catered to, making for the kind of evening you may never forget.


You can discover more about her at her site.  We love to play with others together!

Rates for us together:
$1,200 - 1 hour
$1,600 - 90 minutes
$2,100 - 2 hours


If you like strong, fit, assertive women who know exactly what they want and how to get it, then Alyx is your dream girl.  She has a very creative and fun spirit, and enjoys playing in the power dynamics associated with yielding to another--or making another yield to her.  She is incredibly smart and has a rocking body she works very hard to keep in shape with dieting and exercise. 

Together, we have proven to have excellent chemistry, and tend to fawn over each other's rear ends at length--if you see us together you'll certainly understand why.  We enjoy each other's company greatly and share exceptionally well.  Imagine if you are experiencing the excitement, sandwiched between two fit, tattooed ladies with a penchant for exploring human bliss.

Review her website to learn more about what makes Alyx the perfect addition for fun! Her site is at  If you are one who enjoys a little power play, or just really like fit ladies, you need to experience Alyx! 

Rates for us together:
$1,300 - 1 hour
$1,800 - 90 minutes
$2,200 - 2 hours


Becki Labine

If you like your sexy with a little sass and geekery, you'll cherish Becki forever.  She is smart, thoughtful, considerate--and all the human good qualities--with a playfully sarcastic streak a mile long.  She claims southern roots which temper a bit of the fiery Irish blood in her veins.  Her alternative look is as fun as her attitude.  Together, we have proven ourselves to have excellent chemistry--one that begs for more chances to enrich.


Becki is very affectionate, and loves low key days nestled up watching Netflix as much as she enjoys discovering new foods and treats at restaurants.   She and I together turn into a endless streams of jokes, giggles, and joy!

Learn more about Becki at her website,  and also check her calendar for tour dates, because she is not based in Chicago but DOES come here regularly!

Rates for us together:
$1,200 - 1 hour ($1,100 incall)
$1,550 - 90 minutes ($1,650 incall)
$1,950 - 2 hours ($2,050 incall)

Charlotte Breeze

With a love for horses and years of riding experience, she is your petite, slender, red-headed fiery southern belle, with a personality that will fill the room with her passionate and fun outlook on life.  She is instantly charming and captivating.  Her slight drawl is alluring and she has an incredible voice my ears savor listening to.  With incredible ease, Charlotte can quickly soothe stress and place you in the right headspace for having a jaw-dropping fun time!

She is open-minded, down to try most anything twice, and just a pure delight to be around.  I hope you find her as titillating as I do, because I would love to have lots of wonderful experiences together with her! 

Charlotte's website has an abundance of information, so I encourage you to discover more her!  Her website can be found at where you can find her tour info (she's not local but travels to Chicago several times a year), look through her photos, and much more!

Rates for us together:
$1,300 - 1 hour
$1,700 - 90 minutes
$2,200 - 2 hours

Clever Clover

Clover is super down to earth, playful, funny, and has a lot of experience living life--she travels all the time and is constantly on the road. She comes to Chicago often, much to my delight!  I try to see her at least once every time she's around, and hopefully with your help I can see her together with you!


As her website at will tell you, she invites you to help her squirt into your life in the most joyful and delightful of ways.  She has a unique and sexy aesthetic that I find highly appealing.  Her long, usually very curly hair cascades across her pale skin, reminding me a bit of a badass Disney princess who can make all your fantasies come true.  She is easy going but insatiable fun!

Please browse her website to see travel dates, and hopefully you can see her with me, or anywhere else in these great United States!

Rates for us together:
$1,100 - 1 hour
$1,500 - 90 minutes
$2,000 - 2 hours

Cora Livingston

Oh Cora!  Some people are easy to love, and this sweet, intuitive, brilliant, witty British lass is definitely one!  Mature, playful, and every bit of her is captivating and delightful to indulge yourself with!  She travels the world extensively, but has fallen in love with the United States and comes here as much as she is able, and Chicago is one of her favorite places here--or so I like to think!  I make it a point to see her every time she visits!

Cora and I have a very similar approach to how we care about others and provide a safe, joyous, kind environment full of witty banter and gleeful giggles.  We will make sure you are feeling not just good in any physical sense, but really strive to be sure you are genuinely happy. 


As Cora is someone who is always on the road, I highly recommend you review her website at to see travel information and many more pictures!

Rates for us together:
$1,300 - 1 hour 
$1,700 - 90 minutes 
$2,200 - 2 hours 

Daffnie Kline

Daffnie is a powerhouse of a woman, driven and successful in all she does, while keeping her incredible power housed in a tiny, beautiful body of a dancer.  She is highly motivated to do good in the world, and it is a refreshing experience to be around her.  Her intelligence shows, and she will put you at ease (or on edge, depending on the type of experience you are seeking).  For those who want a more kinky time, she is very well-versed in those skills and I recommend her highly for your kinksplorations. 


Daffnie is based in Chicago, but is ready to be flown anywhere she is requested.  I highly recommend seeing her if you get the chance because she is beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, and a great person for exploring the endless variety of happiness!

Please peruse her website at to be sure she's it town and what type of experience you would like.

Rates for us together (based on "clear skies" rates):
$1,500 - 1 hour
$2,000 - 90 minutes
$2,600 - 2 hours

Elaina Amhurst

Sometimes you immediately connect with others.  When I met Elaina, we were laughing and getting along instantly like old friends.  She's well educated, travelled, cultured, and a wonderfully enchanting person to be around.  I have found her dedicated to having a life of adventure while being of service to others.  Even when meetings include private moments, she continues to prove herself a real treat to others in every possible way!

Elaina is tiny and fit; only about 5' tall with a body clearly toned from a life of fitness--yet she remains incredibly soft and delightful to touch.  We both would love more excuses to have a great time together, so please feel free to put yourself in the middle of some sexy fun!

Her website is at Feel free to see if this mature and sexy goddess is the perfect addition to our fun night!

Rates for us together:
$1,900 - 90 minutes
$2,600 - 2 hours
$3,300 - 3 hours

Elizabeth "E.B." Cotenord

Smart, strong, thoughtful, passionate, open-minded, loving, (did I mention passionate?) and kind are all the qualities E.B. embodies inside her body--one built for exploring, tasting, devouring, and savoring.  She will inspire you, turn you on, linger in your mind, and have you trying new delights.  I find her a poet, not only in how she speaks, but in how she moves, how she gets you to think and experience in new ways.   She is a matured goddess with a very open mind. 

E.B. and I have found ourselves enjoying thoughtful conversations on love, lust, life, and all the kinds of the filth we all love to revel in.  We have shared wonderfully intense dates and long to do so again.  Do justice to yourself, and let your mind free between the hearts of two deeply loving people.  See why us two may be exactly the cure for all that ails you.

Explore more about Elizabeth at her website  and perhaps get lost in her poetic blog.  You will not regret it. 

Rates for us together:
$1,200 - 1 hour 
$2,200 - 2 hours
$3,000 - 3 hours

Experience Adam XXX

Adam is an incredibly excellent addition to a fun evening if you are desiring a male energy to join in our time.  He is up for just about anything you can dream up, and is very fun, professional, and enthusiastic about it.  He will make you smile as you are wrapped up in his wonderful, playful energy.  He is handsome with beautiful eyes that show his interest and genuine desire to make you happy.

Adam is fit, well dressed, and will make you feel sexy to be around.  I'm happy to explore new horizons together with him and you, so if this is your interest, please consider making it happen!  Adam's passion is wonderful to experience! 

His website is at and I encourage you to look through it for more pictures and information on Adam to see if he's the perfect addition for our fun date!

Rates for us together:
$950 - 1 hour
$1,275 - 90 minutes
$1,700 - 2 hours


Felicity Harte

If you want a high energy, wild, intense time with a highly intelligent, well-travelled, beautiful woman with a sexy accent, look no further.  Felicity is a firecracker of lady and will leave you breathless!  Every time I've been around her, it's a whirlwind of excitement and fun. 

She is fluent in many languages, has travelled all over the world, and commands attention with her bright eyes and bold, friendly personality.  To see us both together, you can expect to be left with a memory you will likely never forget--assuming you survive it!  (Mostly joking, of course.)

Her website can be found at

Give yourself a wild treat!

Rates for us together:
$1,300 - 1 hour
$1,800 - 90 minutes
$2,300 - 2 hours

Fera Lorde

Fera is a gender anarchist and has a very captivating, unusual aesthetic--from the way they choose to shave (or not shave) their slender body, to their piercings and well crafted tattoos. The approach of exploration with others shows their artistic side.  When I'm with them, bodies become a canvass of possibilities, and consent is the paintbrush through which we decide to create our masterpieces together.  Their energy is intoxicating; inspiring a magical space of sensations.

Fera's personality is down to earth and tender, and they often sport a bit of natural scent as well, embodying the feral and primal nature they seek to revel in with others.  I look forward to seeing where our journeys may take us! 

Their website is at, where I encourage you to look at their captivating artistic expressions. 

Rates for us together:
$1,200 - 1 hour
$1,650 - 90 minutes
$2,100 - 2 hours


Irene A Monroe

Irene is immediately enchanting to be around.  With an exceptionally warm personality, she will put you immediately at ease.  She shows herself as very interested in who you are and really listens to you, making her truly great to spend time with.  Irene is really a wonderful person--and that is to say nothing about how incredible she looks both in and out of a beautiful dress. She is simply amazing from head to toe.

I delight in being anywhere this fantastic human is found, so pretty please give us an excuse to dote and love upon you as well as each other!

Her website is, where you may be able to capture more of a glimpse of her incredible personality and beautiful aesthetic.  You cannot go wrong with her presence. 

Rates for us together:
$1,700 - up to 90 minutes
$2,200 - 2 hours
$3,100 - 3 hours

Lena Duvall

From the moment I first met Lena, I knew I'd need more of her presence, playfulness, and passion in my life. She has a kindness that feels so wonderful and genuine to be around, and her personality is uplifting, empathic, and ready to please.  She is one of the rare providers who is fully natural, if you find a bit of hair alluring you will find yourself captivated by her as I have.  The sense of artistry she brings to all she does is delightful and refreshing.


While Lena is based out of NOLA, she visits Chicago periodically because she loves the city, which naturally just delights me!  Please look over her website to see her upcoming travel information, recent photos, and lots more at

I want to make Lena smile again, so won't you help me do it?

Rates for us together:
$1,050 - 1 hour
$1,350 - 90 minutes
$1,800 - 2 hours

Mara Blake

Mara and I have known each other for years, drawn to each other by similar personalities, interests, and appetites--especially when it comes to enjoying the company of other people. One day while talking about our lives we discovered we cultivated our passions by both electing to do the same thing with our passions, by providing our time to others in this way! What a wonderful new door in our relationship was opened that day--and of course we decided to offer company together! This has been a wonderful and enriching component to our friendship.

We both absolutely love pampering others with our insatiable and playful attitudes. Mara is utterly beautiful and sexy, and ridiculously smart to boot. She is an easy delight to be around, both open-minded and inquisitive. Together we are a fabulous pair to spend time around! She's much shorter than I am, just over 5' tall, but I promise you that we are great pair of tall and tiny! Let us get together and you will see why we've been friends so long!

Her website can be viewed at , and yes she's every bit as great as she sounds!

 Rates for us together:
$1,900 - 90 minutes ($1,975 incall)
$2,700 - 2 hours ($2,800 incall)
$3,600 - 3 hours ($3,750 incall)

Mona Bell

Mona is strikingly beautiful, with the kind of natural beauty that draws you in and makes you want to be close just to savor the beauty slowly with your eyes, hands.... well, you get the idea.  She is incredibly kissable and I can easily lose track of the world around me once our lips touch.  She, like me, is a statuesque model that commands attention.


My favorite thing about Mona isn't actually her captivating and statuesque beauty, but rather how similar we are!  Both of us have similar educational backgrounds, passions, likes, preferences, and goals for our lives.  She is both an artist and business woman, just as I am. 


Mona has a really lovely website that is a joy to explore, so I highly recommend doing so. The link is  I have been desiring more of this lovely lady since the moment I first met her, and I'm sure you'll feel similarly.  She is not to be missed!

Rates for us together:
$1,150 - 1 hour
$1,550 - 90 minutes
$2,000 - 2 hours

Sophia Skye

Sophia is an incredibly tiny person, but has a powerful presence that will captivate and enchant you.  She is kind, sweet, and almost surprisingly naughty considering how innocent she appears.  She is just as devious as she is intelligent and kind.  Very much an outdoorsy type of person, you can see her being comfortable and at home hiking and kayaking around in wilderness as much as in five star hotels and the best restaurants. 


My love affair with Sophia has delighted the lucky people who have found themselves between us.  She has the kind of passion and desire that inspires incredibly memorable experiences!  Both of us love to explore, delve into the unknown with an open-mind, and feel connected to this beautiful planet we live upon!


Take some time to explore her website at and you will assuredly find her just as desirable as I have.  She will make your world a better place, one tender moment at a time.

Rates for us together:
$1,500 - 1 hour
$1,900 - 90 minutes
$2,400 - 2 hours

Sophie Pierce

I met Sophie at an event many years ago, but when we met I think it only took a few minutes before we were getting on way better than friends.  That trend has continued as we have explored our closeness in many ways.  Sophie has a personality that is warm, inviting, and kind.  She has thoughtful eyes filled with experience and lips made for fun.

Sophie is a woman with the softest skin and lots of curves to get lost in.   It brings me incredible joy to be around her.  She has a witty sense of humor which makes most of my time with her turn into giggle fests.  She is very dear to me.  I'd be delighted to share our friendship and more with you!

She is currently very under the radar, so no site currently exists, but if you explore her Twitter you can at least get a feel for her personality.  You can tell she aims to please and is a sweetheart while doing so.  She is a New York native, but you can see announcements of pending travel to Chicago there. You can also reach her at her email  to potentially fly her to us!

Rates for us together:
$1,650 - 90 minutes
$2,200 - 2 hours
$3,000 - 3 hours


Sasha Stolin

From the very moment I first saw Sasha, I was instantly enamored--and I suspect you will feel the same, if you have a working pulse! I had met her without knowing a thing about her, and I was immediately blown away. She has a natural hourglass figure, with a tiny waist and full hips and chest, adorned with long beautiful blonde hair, and an incredible smile. She could be one of those people who acts conceited due to the level of their natural beauty, but she has an incredibly winning, friendly, warm, and welcoming personality. I felt at ease right away, which is a great feeling to have around someone so stunningly beautiful! (In looking at her site after meeting her, I have to say her pictures just do not do her amazing body justice!)

I'm very happy to have any excuses at all to share in more time with this beautiful blonde. She's a lot of fun and phenomenal to be around! She is based out of Chicago, but travels a LOT, so scheduling can be tricky. Please book as much in advance as you can! She currently has no website (took hers down) so reach out to me or email her at!

 Rates for us together:
$1,400 - 1 hour (Lincoln Park incall only)
$1,800 - 90 minutes (Lincoln Park incall only)
$2,400 - 2 hours (incall, $2,500 outcall)

Violetta Michelle

Violetta draws your notice immediately. She is tall--a striking, captivating redhead--and has a magnetic smile sure to transport your mind into a place of desire. I found myself instantly intent on making her smile even more; her smile is infectious. If you are like me, you will find the ease and joy in making Violetta smile addicting! Her personality immediately shines. She makes you feel valued, frisky, and up for fun! Those I know who have met her all absolutely love her. There are plenty of reasons to discover why she is desired!

Together, V and I share a great balance of play, laughter, joy, and excellent chemistry. It has been well tested that our blithe dispositions lend well to role play, but that is far from all we enjoy doing together. Come find out!

Violetta (or Tall Red V as you my know her) has many lovely pictures and plenty of information for your perusal at Be sure to look for tour date info and more at her site!

 Rates for us together:
$1,700 - 90 minutes (add $100 for outcall)
$2,150 - 2 hours (add $100 for outcall)

$2,900 - 3 hours (add $100 for outcall)


Zuri Love

Zuri is an LA based gender queer soul with an adventurous spirit that sparkles in their eyes.  They are kind spirited, youthful, creative, and loving to others.  Zuri likes to try new things, experience new places, and geek out on literature, comics, music, the cosmos, and much more.  Zuri will add a fun level of playfulness to any date!  I find them ridiculously adorable and sweet.

When we are together, Zuri and I create a space of exploration, whimsical and witty banter, and light-hearted mischief to delight your many sensations.  We are just like two doting kittens, ready to purr and pounce for pleasure!

Zuri has their website up at  Here you can find contact info and information about tours or even specials rates to fly them to Chicago so we can all have a great time together!

 Rates for us together if you fly them here:
$2,900 - 4 hours (plus Zuri's travel fees)
$3,800 - 6 hours (plus Zuri's travel fees)

$7,500 - 12 hours (plus Zuri's travel fees)

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